Buds of rosa damascena 100 % organic 50 g

100 % Organically Grown Hand-picked and dried Rose buds from bio Rosa Damascena, grown in the Bulgarian Rose Valley with high content of
biologically active substances with antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.They can be used for relaxing baths, steam
baths and homemade natural cosmetic products.Wonderful decoration for home and carrier in aromatherap
Herbal care Lavender essential oil 10 ml

10.69 BGN

8.56 BGN

Fresh flower scent reminiscent of blooming lavender inflorescences. Provides full energy relaxation and reduce the mental fatigue.
Herbal care cocoa & coconut massage cream odorless 1000 ml

33.79 BGN

27.04 BGN

Active ingredients: cocoa butter, coconut butter, vitamin A and E.
Designed for cosmetics body massage. Betters the skin`s elasticity. Refreshes the body. Apply with soft massage motions to the treated zone  of the body.

Lavender and honey gift set

15.75 BGN

12.60 BGN

Gift box Lavender & Honey includes face cream and hand cream

5.10 BGN

4.08 BGN

Natural product obtained by distillation of flowering racemes of Lavandula angustifolia (L.), Labiatae. Natural lavender water is a soothing and relaxing toner with useful, moisturizing effect for normal to oily skin. It gives a fresh and healthy look to facial skin. The compelling aroma of lavender gives a feeling of a burst of energy.

Apply by using a cosmetic swab either individually or after cleaning the face.

Lavender and honey shower cream 400 ml

13.99 BGN

11.20 BGN

Active ingredients: natural lavender water, lavender extract, honey extract, geranium extract, almond oil, olive oil.
Shower cream for gentle body wash. Enriched with nourishing and moisturizing complex of natural plant oils and extracts
optimally hydrates the skin and keeps its softness and elasticity. The balanced aroma of honey and lavender calms the senses
and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.
Apply with light massage movements on wet skin and rinse thoroughly with water


Lavender and honey liquid soap 290 ml

Active ingredients: lavender extract, honey extract, sage extract, glycerin.
Liquid soap rich in natural extracts and mild foaming agents. Gently cleans and refreshes skin of the hands. Gives silky
smoothness and fresh scent of lavender and honey. Suitable for everyday use.

Turn the pump anticlockwise and press once! Lather with wet hands and rinse with plenty of water!

Lavender and honey miccelar water 150 ml

6.69 BGN

5.35 BGN

Active ingredients: lavender extract, honey extract, hydroxy urea.
An excellent cleaning care about efficient and quick remove of makeup and impurities from face and eye contour area. Natural
active ingredients in combination with soothing, fresh scent of lavender and honey turn cleaning into pleasure and leave a feeling
of refreshed, toned and moisturized skin.
Apply by using a cosmetic swab and wipe face, eye contour area, neck and neckline. Needs no rinsing


Lavender and honey hand cream 50 ml

3.89 BGN

3.11 BGN

Active ingredients: lavender extract, honey extract, cocoa butter, allantoin, glycerin, vitamin E.
Cream for everyday care, protects, nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes skin of the hands. With regular use of the cream skin
keeps its elasticity and softness.
Apply daily on clean and dry skin with light massage movements.