Herbal care clove oil 10 ml

6.39 BGN

Clove oil has a warm and strong spicy scent.
Gives freshness to the air, reduces mental fatigue and relaxes under stress. Improves concentration and mood, balances the mind and promotes positivity.
Herbal care pine oil 10 ml

6.39 BGN

It has a woody scent similar to that of a forest combined with a balsamic note.
Pine essential oil is refreshing, invigorating and deodorising.
For energizing the mind and relaxing to the body.
Herbal care rosemary oil 10 ml

10.39 BGN

The rosemary oil has a fresh and pleasant smell with balsamic-wood and camphoric notes. It is used to relieve sinusitis, physical and mental exhaustion. Improves concentration, memory and mood.
Herbal care orange essential oil 10 ml

7.19 BGN

The essential oil is obtained by cold pressing sweet orange peel.
Its aroma is sweet, fresh, fruity and inspiring.
The oil adds freshness to the air, soothes and relaxes an under stress body, improves mood.
Herbal care Cinnamon oil 10ml

6.39 BGN

Typical, spicy, strong, aldehyde odour.
Cinnamon Essential Oil improves body tone. Its refreshing effect have be used for alleviating nervous tension and mental fatigue.

Herbal care Lavender essential oil 10 ml

10.69 BGN

8.56 BGN

Fresh flower scent reminiscent of blooming lavender inflorescences. Provides full energy relaxation and reduce the mental fatigue.
Herbal care tea tree oil 10 ml

9.39 BGN

Warm, woody, fresh aroma, which resembles eucalyptus. Acts refreshing.
Herbal care citronella essential oil 10 ml

6.39 BGN

Fresh, rose-lemon scent reminiscent of citronellal with light green and woody notes. Purifies refreshes, deodorizes and
neutralizes bad odors.
Herbal care lemon essential oil 10 ml

8.25 BGN

Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons, giving its aroma all the brightness of the fresh fruits.
Lemon oil eliminates odors and refreshes the air.
Helps relieve headaches, improves concentration and mood.