Lavender and honey miccelar water 150 ml

6.69 BGN

5.35 BGN

Active ingredients: lavender extract, honey extract, hydroxy urea.
An excellent cleaning care about efficient and quick remove of makeup and impurities from face and eye contour area. Natural
active ingredients in combination with soothing, fresh scent of lavender and honey turn cleaning into pleasure and leave a feeling
of refreshed, toned and moisturized skin.
Apply by using a cosmetic swab and wipe face, eye contour area, neck and neckline. Needs no rinsing


Lavender and honey face cream 50 ml

11.99 BGN

9.59 BGN

Active ingredients: lavender extract, honey extract, hydrolyzed ruccola, hyaluronic acid, almond oil, Shea butter, vitamin E.
Gentle cream for visibly softer and radiant skin, for optimal care with incredible scent of lavender and honey. Rich in natural active
ingredients with soothing softening and smoothing effect. It nourishes and recovers all skin types. Strengthens skin's protective
function against harmful effects of free radicals. Regular use of the cream keeps skin silky, soft and supple

Apply on cleansed face, neck and neckline with light massage movements in the morning and/or in the evening.